10th of August, 2007
NsDongle project closed
No more updates for NsDongle. The actual project is NsPro www.nsteam.org The NsDongle s  [more...]

01st of September, 2006
Nsdongle v3.15 released:
Various software bugs fixed.Communication protocols improved. NsDongle project closed

28th of August, 2006
FREE addon:
FREE Blackberry logs available for NsDongle and NsPro customers.

26th of June, 2006
Nsdongle v3.14 released:
Support for C130, X670 phones added. Cable description updated. Software bugs fixed.

29th of April, 2006
Nsdongle v3.12 released:
Support for D520, P850, V804SS, E870, Z150, Z540 phones added. Cable description updated.

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